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A unique link, serving as a homepage to all your media and social platforms.

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An alternative to Linktree, you can create your minisite in just minutes, making it easy for your viewers to follow you on Instagram or support you on uTip.

This open door to your content can even replace a website!

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A project without a website?

Websites are time-consuming and expensive to build and to maintain. As a content creator, take back control over your online communication, without the need to hire (or pay!) a professional.

For every new project or venture, you can create a tailored minisite for a sleek, professional look and optimised outreach.

The links and web pages created using are generated in just a few clicks, no technical or coding experience necessary.

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An announcement to make? Display one of your links as a main button and change your list of links or header image at any time.

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Have a domain name of your own? No problem, you don’t have to use the domain – you can personalise it to any that you own.

An event to annonce ? Concert ? Dedication ?

Something going on? Easily announce events, book signings, or anything else that your audience should know about – makes it simple.

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